Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank you Discover Card

So thank you to the fine folks and Discover, I am one step closer to getting the camera I've been saving for this past year. Within a day of submitting my application, they responding, offering me enough credit to purchase the camera and shoulder mount I'm interested in. IN YOUR FACE HSBC.

On another film related note, I think I have landed some more editing work for "Day 2" Drew Bellware's latest project. I spoke with the editor, who has edited a large portion of all the indoor footage. As he is very busy with other projects, he thought having me edit the outdoor shots would serve two purposes. 1. it would give him a little bit of breathing room. 2. having two different editing styles may make for a more interesting movie.
I'm pretty excited. The film isn't likely to be the next blockbuster, but I can at least say that people are paying to see my work. Score!

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