Friday, May 7, 2010

Purchase anticipation

So the pieces are starting to come together. I think I've found the camera that will fufill all my needs, the Canon Rebel T2i. My Discover card with an appropriately high limit should be speeding it's way through the mail system. Hopefully the check for the lighting gig I just finished at St. Francis College is doing the same.

Now it's just a matter of patience. I'm sure everyone has been in this position. The one where you know what you want, you've been looking, and shopping, and researching forever, and you finally find it... AND you have to wait to buy for one reason or another.

Despite my inner need for instant gratification, I'm glad I have to wait. It gave me more time to look around and research. If not for that time, I might have just bought the GH1, spending more money for a little less camera.

Oh and um, well the site that has the best deal on the T2i, is currently sold out, as is many of the other sites with preconfigured packages. So I will wait for my card and money to show up, and if these places aren't restocked yet, I'll put together my own package.

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