Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The down side to waiting

So I received my new credit card in the mail yesterday, but am still waiting for that check to come in. Not sure if I mentioned in a previous blog, that one of the advantages to the Rebel T2i was that it was about $400- $500 cheaper then the Panasonic. I had really looked forward to saving the cash, but as my over ambitious mind would have it, in my waiting period, I managed to find ways of spending that money.

Again, knowledge is both a gift and a curse. I did a lot of reading on lenses, and various accessories one might add to their camera setup, and found that, I too needed these accessories. I'll be honest, I probably don't need EVERYTHING I've got in my online shopping cart, but I think it's still a pretty conservative bundle of goodies.

I don't have the list in front of me, but let's see if I can recall off the top of my head. There is of course the camera, which comes with a 18- 55mm 4.5-5.6 lens as well as a canon ef 75-200mm lens. There is the shoulder mount rig, including accessory frame, and follow focus.
through this great website Adorama.com I would like to order a canon ef 50mm f1.8 AF lens (nice fast lens for cheap), and canon 85mm f3.5 i think, two 16gb SDHC cards, a card reader, a camera back pack, a lens cleaning kit, and Azden WLX wireless mic system, a hoodman loupe (for view finding on the camera's LCD) and I think that's it.
All told, it will probably end up costing about $2100 or there abouts. I will still need a tripod, but not right away so that will wait. When I planned the GH1 purchase, I figured it costing around $1700, but that was really just the camera, shoulder mount, a soft case, and an 8gb memory card.
For $400 more I will have a pretty tricked out camera set up, which will suit my immediate purposes, and hopefully be impressive enough to land me some paid work.

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  1. I'd steer away from the Azden. You're shooting in New York City -- one of the harshest RF environments in the world. Renting pro stuff like Lectrosonics is pretty cheap and the big difference between it and the prosumer stuff is that it'll tend to actually WORK ;-).