Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camera En Route

Well I've done it. I place the order for my camera rig last Wednesday. The order for the camera and the lenses didn't go in until Friday due to the shop being closed, but the IndiSystem Ultra Compact shoulder mount should be here any day now. I imagine I'll be running around pretending the camera is attached when it gets here.

I'm really not sure when the camera and accessories will arrive, as the camera is still backordered, but let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm sort of scheduled to shoot a promo video a week from Thursday, and it would be great to have the camera and the extra lenses available for use.

No matter when it gets here, the first item on the to- do- list is to read the manual and go shoot some test footage.


  1. Read the manual? You're a CRAZY man! ;-)

  2. Haha! Yeah, the problem is that I'll get the camera with the manual. I'll likely get as far as two pages in, and then just start playing with the camera.

    I wish they would send you the manual first, thereby avoiding any temptation to just "wing it"